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            Forge ahead, open up and innovate
            Production technical engineer

            Corporate benefits:

            Five insurances and one fund performance bonus transportation subsidy communication subsidy heating subsidy paid annual leave high temperature subsidy holiday welfare



            Skill requirements:

            CAD, instrument installation and adjustment


            1. Age 22-30 years old, major in mechanical electronics and automation, working experience is preferred;

            2. Strong experience in digital and analog circuit theory and debugging;

            3. Have the corresponding computer operation skills;

            4. Proficient in circuit foundation, able to complete instrument debugging and maintenance independently;

            5. Be able to complete production projects independently, and be able to work under pressure, with innovative consciousness and strong hands-on ability;

            6. I have a sense of responsibility, careful, down-to-earth and patient; I am conscientious and responsible, have a positive attitude, have a strong professional research spirit, work methodically, have good communication skills and teamwork spirit, and have strong self-management and self-discipline ability;

            7. Experience in whole machine assembly and after-sales service;

            8. Can adapt to travel.